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flexibility to always guarantee
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ISL NARDI is a company providing services and consultancy to companies for the management of integrated logistics – Supply Chain Management.

ISL NARDI historically is historically a benchmark of value and process innovation. Since 1949 it has been able to design reliable and safe solutions and services, also thanks to the support of trusted partners located all over the world. ISL NARDI guarantees a “customized service” tailored to each customer’s needs.

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The management coordinates the 3 functional areas

It is characterized by processes oriented towards customer solutions, independently from the place and personal skills

ISL Nardi use a network of personal partners in Italy and abroad, with highly qualified professional profiles

Responsible for the documentation, procedures, monitoring – tracking – of the activities and service level in the full compliance with ISO 9001:2015 quality system.

Our mission is to coordinate and integrate all levels of the logistic supply chain with our distinctive technology and experience.

ISL NARDI presents itself as the only interlocutor in the offer of services, in the coordination and integration of all phases of the logistics chain.
The task of ISL NARDI is to manage logistical flows in a precise and timely manner, guaranteeing service excellence, optimization of handling times and costs.

The choice of ISL NARDI, compared to traditional logistics operators, is to work with local partners and professionals, eliminating the fixed costs of the structure.
The benefit for customers is to access a series of customized services with extreme flexibility and cost-effectiveness, in areas considered non-strategic. The transformation of fixed costs into variables thus becomes a competitive factor for companies.
ISL Nardi acts as an exclusive intermediary for the services offered, ensuring the operational execution of the activities of local partners.


Our know-how is based on the management of processes and projects, on the structure dedicated to the customer and on the constant monitoring of service levels

ISL NARDI defines a new standard in shipping and logistics services, offering a structure of partners with a wide diffusion on the international territory able to work in synergy and in close contact with the customer.

In this way it is able to adapt to the needs of its customer, providing the necessary tools and support along the entire logistics chain and contributing to its development on the market.


The advantages for our customers are highlighted by access to a complete and flexible cost range of personalized and effective services that cover all non-core business areas, where the transformation of fixed into variable costs becomes a competitive advantage for the customer.


Via Tiziano 9/A, 20145 Milano, Italia
Tel. +39 02 46718.1


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